Size Guide


One of the beautiful things about MahaShe clothing is that our designs fit many different shapes and sizes.

Seeing as our clothes are all 100% cotton, there is little room for movement, but the designs are so beautifully shaped this isn't a problem.

All our garments are preshrunk, so there's no fear of them shrinking on you once they're washed. 
If you are unsure of sizing feel free to contact us at anytime:


Our sizing goes from 6 to 18. The measurements are below the description for each item.


Size Change

This Summer season we have decided to do the shift from letters to numbers. The new collection, Dandelion & Sage, will be sized 8, 10, 12 instead of XS, S, M etc.

During the shift we are bringing all of our styles into the same measurements. So online it may look a tad confusing to begin with, some styles will be XS 6 while others are XS 8.

We've left the XS, S, M there as a reference for the size that they were during the previous years. We recommend going off the numbers but using the letters as a guide to what you purchased previously.

Call or email at anytime for clarification.